Rally House is a specialty sports store that prides itself in its ability to offer an expansive selection of apparel, gifts, home decor and other types of merchandise while representing local NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NFL and MLS teams. We at Rally House also carry local novelties and regional-inspired items such as apparel, accessories, gifts, food and so much more. With locations spread throughout the Midwest, South and Northeast, we enjoy bringing stylish sports apparel and unique gifts to cities and states where fans reside, work and root for their favorite teams.

Our motto is "To Delight Our Customers," and that begins with providing a pleasurable customer service experience. We strive to share the same passion for sports as our patrons, which is why we seek out and train associates with a similar mindset. We encourage our associates to be welcoming and show their team spirit. You're our guests – feel free to strike up a conversation with us about your favorite team or the latest game!

One of our main goals at Rally House is to be more than just another sports store and that isn't possible without great help from our wonderful employees and customers. Our stores offer a friendly environment and a comfortable shopping experience. When you're at Rally House, we want it to feel like being at your house. Our people – both behind the counter and out on the floor – are a major reason why we stand out from our competitors. Rally House is committed to establishing a genuine connection with patrons.


Much like each person, no two Rally House stores are identical. They each carry merchandise customized and tailored to the specific collegiate and professional teams in that area. In additional to team apparel, Rally House offers a wide selection of local styles. This includes our very own exclusive line of RALLY Brand™ merchandise. The same items we have in our stores can also be found online at any time. We want to make things as easy and seamless as possible for fans who want to show their unique team spirit, regardless of wherever they live or shop.

In addition to selling merchandise relating to local sports teams, Rally House also works in connection with local sports stars and celebrities. These partnerships manifest themselves in the form of autograph sessions, ticket giveaways, radio remote contests and meet-and-greet opportunities.


Our mission at Rally House is to provide customers with the best local shopping experience possible while maintaining exceptional service from the moment you step into our stores.